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  • What Is Flange And What Are The Types of Flange?

    n fact, the name of flange is a transliteration. It was first put forward by an Englishman named Elchert in 1809. At the same time, he proposed the casting method of flange. However, it was not widely used in a considerable period of time later. Until the early 20th century, flange was widely use...
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  • Flanges and Pipe fittings Application

    Energy and Power is the predominant end user industry in the global fitting and flanges market. This is due to the factors such as handling process water for energy production, boiler startups, feed pump re-circulation, steam conditioning, turbine by pass and cold reheat isolation in coal-fired p...
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  • What are duplex stainless steel applications?

    Duplex stainless steel is a stainless steel in which the ferrite and austenite phases in the solid solution structure each account for about 50%. It not only has good toughness, high strength and excellent resistance to chloride corrosion, but also resistance to pitting corrosion and intergranula...
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