Excellent Product Quality and More Considerate Service From Our Saler

We received customer inquiry on October 14th, 2019. But the information is incomplete, so I reply to the customer asking for specific details. It should be noted that when asking customers for product details, different solutions should be given for customers to choose, instead of letting customers give their own answers. Because not all clients are very professional.
At the same time, I check the customer’s company information through Google. And successfully get his mobile phone number.
But two days later, no response from the customer. So I got in touch with the customer by phone. Fortunately, the call was connected and I learned that the customer is not an end user. He is also waiting for confirmation from the end user. For this situation, we must give our customers the utmost patience, we are in the same boat.
After another three days, I received confirmation from the customer. At this time, we must quote the customer as quickly as possible. In this case, we are very professional.
The customer is a mid-to-high-end customer and cares about the quality of the product very much.
I use my professional knowledge to analyze the reason for the high price, and make a promise that we support refund if the product has any quality problems.
Later, the client believe us. It took nearly a month and the customer paid the deposit on November 12nd.
As we all know, the COVID-19 spreads to China during the Spring Festival, but I am very happy to receive the concern of customers, which makes me very pleased.
Just when everything was about to return to normal, the foreign COVID-19 broke out. I often leave a message to my client on whatsapp to ask about his recent health. Customers trust me very much and asked me to help buy masks from China, and I spare no effort to help customers.
At this time we are more like friends even though we have never met.

Post time: Jan-11-2021