What is pipe tee?

The tee is a pipe fitting and a pipe connecting piece. Also known as pipe fitting tee or tee fitting, tee joint, used at the branch pipe of the main pipeline.
A tee is a chemical pipe fitting with three openings, that is, one inlet and two outlets; or two inlets and one outlet. Where three identical or different pipelines converge. The main function of the tee is to change the direction of the fluid.

Three-way hot pressing is to flatten the tube blank larger than the diameter of the three-way to the size of the diameter of the three-way, and open a hole in the part of the drawn branch pipe; the tube blank is heated, put into the forming die, and placed in the tube blank The die for drawing the branch pipe is loaded into it; the tube blank is radially compressed under the action of pressure. During the process of radial compression, the metal flows in the direction of the branch pipe and forms the branch pipe under the stretching of the die. The whole process is formed by the radial compression of the tube blank and the stretching process of the branch pipe. Different from the hydraulic bulging tee, the metal of the hot-pressed tee branch pipe is compensated by the radial movement of the tube blank, so it is also called the radial compensation process.
Since the tee is pressed after heating, the tonnage of the equipment required for material forming is reduced. Hot-pressed tee has wide adaptability to materials and is suitable for low carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel materials; especially for tee with large diameter and thick wall, this forming process is usually used.

Post time: Jul-31-2022